Finding Vivian Maier

When the moment becomes that beauty, and a picture is taken to reflect ,an image you hold in your hand, is the result of time you had. Close your eyes to embrace the contrast and shadow lights, that capture a history when this moment was in the past . / Daniele 

This film could have been unknown , but the story of Vivian Maier will keep me going and will keep me marking my path..

Ending the week at Sushi Sho

This is a small 20 seat restaurant in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, Odenplan to be correct. Sushi Sho runs by Carl Ishizaki and his small staff. Half Japanese and half Swedish with influences from Japan with Swedish products,sushi style, piece by piece and handcrafted skills . One menu only, no fucking bullshit here , good umami bomb and a fresh finish line , Omakase of 15 servings for 455 Swedish kronor is good value for the quality if you get the culture right and respect it .Also for those who want to drink, Carl with staff have a nice selections of Saké , go and drink your soul free.