Pure juice are never over 14%

Never have I reflected more than now, since some time, my life took another direction , for the better ,I would say. Like today on midsummer here in Sweden, I visited Oaxen Slip , with my amazing and beautiful girlfriend next to me , a few dishes , and the biggest surprise of the day. 

A bottles was found in a well sorted winelist , the choice was the Chardonnay -  Cas D`Eau 2013 from Nuits Saint Georges by Recru des Sens, made from the young winemaker Yann Durieux. Since I know these bottles can change dramatic in price each year , I found this pertical bottle for a bargain , and the result nailed the expectations, I was back on track.

Yann Durieux ,born and raised in a wine family just outside Nuit Saint Georges, where he found the way of wine early and was looking for smaller authentic winegrower to learn from in the area where he was raised , and the path went to Julien Guillot at Domaine Des Vignes Du Maynes and also Prieuré Roch. Today ,Yann himself have 9 hectares, mainly Pinot Noir, but also some amazing Chardonnay and Aligoté

If you have the chance , try to buy it , if it´s to expensive , invite someone that has these money.